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Metal & Metal


A spear at your front is better than an arrow in your back.


The armoured team moves in smooth harmony
Brandishing their bright-gilded spears
And their beautiful feathered shields;
With the tiger-skin quivers, 
and the metal decorations in front
Two bows lying side by side
Tied to their bamboo frames.
I think of my absent husband
When I lie down and get up
When will I know when he comes back?
Oh! How I think of him!


Metal and Metal is a powerful yang combination. 
The proverb captures that. 
The poem, however, brings a yin dimension.
Following the celebration of armies and arms, 
we suddenly hear the voice of a wife, a lover. 
It breaks in and recalls us to the truth that violence destroys, 
but love and compassion nurture. 

İLoes Raaphorst 10/2005


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