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Yin & Wood


A dog won't abandon a poor master; a son won't desert an ugly mother.


When the soft south wind
Blows into the thorn-bushes
It full freshens their heart
But our mother had only care.

Teh gentle south wind
Blows on the thorn-wood
Our mother was good and wise
But none of us are any use.


Do you honour those who support you? 
The Wood element symbolizes growth, 
but growth must be nurtured; 
the yin is the female, nurturing, earthly and motherly dimension. 
Do you really allow this to shape how you develop, how you grow? 
If not, then look again at your roots; 
your family, your friends, 
those who care for you because of who you are, 
not what you are. 
Be nourished and, in return, 
grow true and tall like the poplar tree or bamboo.

İLoes Raaphorst 10/2005


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