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 Poems Sue - Feelings

People asking me : "How are you doing "? … 
and I used to answer: "Me? ..well ..I'm ok …"
But that's just a damn lie, because I feel lost, 
getting worse day by day ….
Emotions are mixed, playing on my mind …. 
feelings so strong, making me blind … 
I want to believe them, ..I really do … 
but all these feelings, they are to me so new … 
They are making me happy ..but also so sad … 
they make me laugh ..but also make me feel so bad …. 
They feel so real to me, but how can I know …. 
How can I let this confusion inside of me go … 
What can I do to get these feelings clear …. 
Nothing ..just be patient …hoping the day will be near 
The day that I can let these feelings out …allow them to be … 
until that day, ..they will be locked inside ..confusing me …. 

(Sue, 21-06-04) 

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006


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