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 Poems Sue - For my three Angels

All the little ones must go to bed now…every evening …every night… 
Sleep softly my little angels…may your dreams be sweet and bright.
As I watch them peacefully sleep … 
I know it is for them that I must keep 
Telling them how precious they are to me … 
What wonderful persons they are going to be .. 
Teach them to respect all humans and nature… 
That every animal on earth is a beautiful creature.. 
That they must never give up …whatever comes their way …
That every day is a gift and must never been thrown away … 
To believe in themselves …no matter what goes wrong … 
That mistakes aren't bad….but will only make them strong … 
And what I must never forget to say…… 
Is how much I love them ….every second ..minute ..hour of the day …….

Sue 11-04-2004

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006


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