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 Poems Sue - Goodbye Little One

Saying Goodbye is part of life 
Something we learn at birth ...
Goodbye to our safety shelter, 
Ready for our journey on earth ... 
This jouney can take years ...
But for some just a matter of days ... 
The reason why , we shall never know ... 
Just when time comes ...its time to go .. 
The final Goodbye to the 
Ones we love ...
Will always be the hardest part 
Hoping that there is an afterlife ... 
And we meet again somewhere above .. 
Sometimes there is left no choice .. 
And Goodbye is the only thing to say .. 
Because the journey of life 
Has so many paths 
And we each will travel our own way 
But one thing for sure 
I've learned that from the start... 
Each and every Goodbye to say ... 
Leaves a big scar on my heart ..... 
But stars keep on shining ...new ones every day 
So Rest in Peace now little one ... 
May your star shine every night ... 
Time to say Goodbye now ....
Please fill our hearts with all your light ... 

(Sue 30-12-2004)

Bron: Email Sue İLoes Raaphorst 12/2006


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