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Poems Sue - My Online Home

A place to relax …to feel safe and free 
A place to realise, things dont just happen to me 
A place to share feelings either they are good or bad 
A place to learn about things ...to forget about the day you just had 
A place to cry or ask help when feeling down and blue
A place made by a friend, always willing to help you 
A place where people care and take care of each other 
A place to feel free to speak, without worries to bother 
A place to laugh or even share a tear 
For me I found that place at this site, right here ... 

Thank you Loesje, for this place called Home ...
A place where I know I will never be alone ... 

( Sue 24-12-2006) 

* bloos* 

Lieve Sue,

Soms schieten woorden echt te kort... bij mij dan he?
Dank je wel is het enige wat ik uit kan brengen!

Liefs, Loes

Bron: Email SueİLoes Raaphorst 12/2006


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