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 Poems Sue - My Pain

Family …., what is the meaning of that word ?? 
I used to think it has something to do 
About sharing the same blood ...
Being born under the same roof 
But now I know that I misunderstood 
It took a while, I will admit
Before I was able to see 
That family are the ones that 
Seems to think 
They are allowed of hurting me 
And no way that ever I will let 
Anybody hurt me again this way
My heart which was already black 
Has turned now into stone 
And this way it will stay 
Perhaps one day, my prayers will be heard 
That my soul will have its final ride 
And I will be out of this stupid life 
And start all over on the other side 
Heaven or Hell, whatever it will be 
If cant be worse than life already is for me ...... 

(Sue- oktober 2004) 

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006


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