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 Poems Sue - My Pal

You are my pal now for more than 13 years … 
We have gone through a lot …through many tears . 
I have never been judged by you , 
It was as if you just always knew… 
As a puppy you came into my heart, 
And since that day we've never been apart 
I can always count on someone when I come home, 
Never have the feeling I am here all alone … 
Always listening to what I have to say, 
Just looking at me , your eyes saying "it's ok"
But now you're having a hard time breathing … 
And I know that soon you will be leaving… 
And it hurts to see you struggle with life .. 
It's hard to let you go , it cuts like a knife 
But you deserve your rest …and all I can do … 
Is hoping that your rest will come soon for you … 
Benji….thanks for always being here for me 
And I hope that your next home will be a great place to be …… 

(Sue July 2004) 

Bron: Email Sue©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006


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