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 Poems Sue - Note to my Daughter

" Nobody understands how I feel" …is what you screamed recently ...
Do you realise saying that , your shoving your problems back up to me ?? 
I think mum really understands the way how you feel 
And what you mean by saying these words …as they are very real .. 
You feel like everybody is blaming YOU ... 
And you losing your patience so quick...ofcourse has nothing to do 
Talking about it seems impossible , so you just shout 
Nobody is taking anything serious ...and it seems there is no way out ... 
You really try to laugh …but you start to cry instead 
Most others live a better life …you think your better of dead 
Everybody gets more attention then you 
Mum is always busy with so much other things to do … 
But perhaps young girl there is one thing you should know 
I really do understand all of this ...even perhaps it doesnt show ... 
Mum has been young once too , and had the same kind of troubles going on 
And I've been fighting the same war , been through these things, that made me strong 
And I can tell you , one day it will go well ... 
But its proberbly of no use for you now to tell 
The hormons your fighting , and the feelings you feel 
Are no fairytales but they are very real 
And even when you dont know who you are anymore 
Once will come the day you'll find your inner back again, for sure 
You will see …your a beautifull young girl 
Who makes the heart of people smile and glow ... 
And those hormons you hate now so much 
Are saved for something special in life, to make something special grow ...
Perhaps in 20 years you will be writing a same kind of letter ... 
To dry the tears of your own little girl …to make her feel a little bit better ... 
But sweetie …all through your fight …promise never to forget .. 
Mum loves you ,no matter what ...... just always remember that …. 

Love Always ….Mama …..xxx

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 12/2006


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