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 Poems Sue - Paradise

What if paradise really does exist … 
how would it be? …
If I'm sad and I close my eyes .. 
it's a place I can almost see… 

I've heard the news on the radio today, 
it makes me feel sick, I just want to run away …
When my little ones go to bed and I kiss them goodnight, 
I use to say to them," Everything will be alright" …
And I hope their faith in dreams will stay … 
So earth might be one day a beautiful place to play … 
All creatures living in harmony.. 
What a great place to live that would be .. 
No more wars and No more fights .. 
No lonely tears crying during the night … 
Perhaps I'm a dreamer…I don't care .. 
Just if there's such a place …I wish I could live there ….. 

( Sue, 22-06-04)

Bron: Email ©Loes Raaphorst 03/2007


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