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 Poems Sue - Shining Stars

Twinkle twinkle little star... 
Tell me now, who's soul you are 
For every dying creature on earth... 
their soul gives another star to birth 
To fly above us , way up high... 
to watch over us, from out the sky 

I always watch the sky at night... 
just want to know my lost ones are all right 
And when I see some stars brightly shine... 
I know that all of them are doing fine 
It gives me the power to be strong and hold on... 
'cause one day I will follow them, and earth will be gone 

And if you ever wonder, why stars do fall... 
it's just a soul who returns to us all 
One beautiful soul, returning to earth... 
to give another soul a chance of birth 
So I'm not really scared to die... 
Just want to be a star way up in the sky...... 

(Sue March 14, 2004)

Bron: Email Sue İLoes Raaphorst 01/2007


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