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 Poems Sue - Silent Scream

Standing in front of the mirror …. 
Who are these strangers eyes? 
Is this the person I used to know? 
Or is the mirror showing me all lies? 
Who is this women, staring at me? 
Where is the other person I used to see? 
Why so much sadness and worries shining through? 
Can medicins and pain do so much harm to you? 
Words want to come out ..
But it's just silence I hear ...
Just the image ...of a silent falling tear ... 
Slowly whipe it off ...
forcing to put up a smile... 
So much love to live for ...
enough to keep up for a while 
Isn't it me who used to tell others .. 
"Keep your head up and Fight " ... 
well ...maybe its up to me right now ... 
to kick myself on my behind tonight ... 
To stop these words of sorrow .... 
And live by the day ...fighting for tomorrow ..... 

( Sue, januari 2007) 

Bron: Email SueİLoes Raaphorst 01/2007


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