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 Poems Sue - The Final Road

Standing in a tunnel ….
Looking towards the light ….

Do I want to go that direction …? 
Do I want to carry on with this fight ...? 

The blanket of darkness ...
Is gently closing me in ...

Its wrapped all around me ....
Is this battle to an end, or is this just the begin ...? 

There are so many roads ahead ... 
And so many roads already left behind .... 

No time to take a break ...
No time to rest untill I find ... 

The final road, the one to choose ... 
A road that will lead to show me what is hide ...

The final road to lead me through life ... 
To show me whats hidden on the other side .... 

( Sue november 2005) 

Bron: Email Sue ©Loes Raaphorst 02/2007


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